Metal Labor srl specializes in turning, CNC milling, CNC boring, drilling and grooving, carefully made according to drawings and samples of small product series, both for processing accounts and supply.

Born in the automotive manufacturing sector, it is constantly growing and keeping up with the development of the best production techniques in order  to try to offer a wider and more diversified production, searching for the best possible  high quality result. It deals also with the manufacturing of mechanical pieces for  die casting  press and molding for plastic materials, hydraulic cylinders, steel plants, earth moving, rollers for calenders and  different components for machine tools.
It uses raw materials ranging  from ferrous metals to alloy steels, bronzes and cast irons.

The Company is able to guarantee the customer a finished product, complete with any heat or surface treatments, grinding, bronze coatings and welding, making use of the long lasting collaboration of certified external  partner companies.
The machine fleet  is constantly expanding thanks to the introduction of cutting-edge machinery that allow us to improve the quality, the timing of processing and the reduction of costs, making it more advantageous in terms of  competitor companies.
The fundamental goal of the company is to fully satisfy  their customers with: innovation, best quality standards, costs and  ultimate implementation within the established deadlines.


Traditional parallel and CNC parallel lathes capable of producing cylinders up to a diam. 600x3000mm, pistons and columns up to a size of diam. 400x5000mm (for a max weight of 5.000kg) and flanges up to a dimension of diam. 1000x200mm.


CNC milling machines and CNC boring machines capable of producing milling and drilling up to pieces weighing 25,000 kg, with strokes from 0 to 4000mm in X and from 0 to 3000mm in Y. Starting from 2022 the milling process will be implemented with a large milling machine with a load capacity of 70ton.


Drills, traditional and CNC slotting machines capable of producing single or multiple internal DIN 5480 or UNI classic grooves.

Mechanical turning Castenedolo (Brescia) Italy